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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
G Gundam
any nice shots of Nastasha/Natasha, which ever is her name, especialy the ones where she is in a red dress dining with Argo Very High
Nastasha in her green swim suite Very High
Any good shots of Yura of Hair. I liked the story of how she came to be. Will Give Kidney
Any of the various demons they encounter or fight, such as I think her name is Mistress Centipede from the first episode, Jinenji the giant half demon wuss and others. High
A shot of Jessie and James from Team Rocket. Jessie in forground, both their eyes open, if in their TR uniforms paned out so you get Jessies boots. Or same deal but in some of their more outlandish costumes. Also a cel of Jezabell. Very High
Project Ako
B-ko in battle outfit thats not at a insane price. High
Tenchi Muyo
Any good Ryoko shots from all series and no movie ones. Blushing is a bonus! I also am looking for a Ayeka shot very close to this one, someone off ebay outbid me for it bleh... Very High

Curator: Thrance
Gallery Created: 8/13/2002

Presentation 8.35/10   Collection 8.27/10   Overall 8.31/10   Votes 40 votes
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