Welcome to my gallery. It is slowly expanding. I must say, sorry for the small cel images AND for the few that have some words on them. I do not have a scanner so must copy the image from the site I have aquired them from. Hope you enjoy and be on the look out for some slowly expanding series and a few new ones here and there!
WARNING: The Dragon Pink section contains some nude cels, if you do not wish to view it then probaly just dont go there. Theres nothin to special there anyways :)

News & Updates

10/15/2004Three new backgrounds!
10/8/2004Early self bought birthday present added ^_^
8/26/2004long time since i wrote here. well one new cel and one not so new cel. i added a background to one of my diva cels, and got a new inu yasha cel of tsubaki
3/26/2004 man i need a scanner, but two new cels updated, one on the way, in a while...more like eons...ah well....worms!

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Title Last Updated
Backgrounds 10/15/2004
El Hazard -Diva- 8/26/2004
G Gundam 10/21/2003
Galaxy Angel 11/17/2003
Misc 11/14/2003
Mon Colle Knights 3/26/2004
Polymer 2/28/2004
Tenchi Muyo 11/15/2003
Yu-Gi-Oh character settei 4/3/2004
Yu-Gi-Oh monster settei 4/3/2004

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